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Camella Manors

With the tremendous achievements and efforts of Camella, it has now elevated its houses to a new type of Living called the "Camella Manors.". The Camella Manors are vertical villages strategically situated in the vicinity of Vista Land's communities enabling homeowners to live a balanced lifestyle. The new projects aim to provide high-end, exclusive condominium villages that reflect the distinctive beauty and refreshing ambiance of the Camella Home development.


Camella Manors is the latest and inexpensive mid-rise condominium development project of Vista Land. Camella Manors was born on the idea of establishing a lifestyle in which staying in is equally enjoyable as going out, considering that staying home is more vital than ever in the age of the "new normal.". The new project, Camella Manors, also takes advantage of the growing popularity of work-from-home arrangements, with most Metro Manila city dwellers returning to their hometowns while continuing to practice their professions in a less congested environment.


Camella Manors' endeavor to redefine condo living through these five towers of commitment, namely, Prime Location, Suburban Environment, Security and Wellness, Value for Money, and Practical Home Investment.


Camella Manors is poised to become the next major player in the condominium sector, given the high demand for condominiums. Furthermore, the brand is self-assured enough to be an excellent choice for both investors and homeowners.


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