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Brittany, luxurious Houses in the Philippines roused by the world's most scenic location. It was the first to design and build dream home communities that feature luxurious homes with stunning world-class architecture and elegant themes in the Philippines.


In 1993, Brittany Corporation commenced its operation and showed the upscale market what they truly deserve. Along with the luxurious properties, condos, townhomes, lot properties, Brittany gathers all the most sophisticated properties in one community that enables luxury and lifestyle to their clients. The brand is committed to providing a high level of craftsmanship and service to the industry of real estate. In terms of real estate development, Brittany extends far above and beyond the average, offering ease and convenience of modern luxury along with the best home designs.


Defining luxury and lifestyle in every home, Brittany is now offering in different locations, namely, Crosswinds Tagaytay, Sta. Rosa Laguna, Vista Alabang, and Lakefront Sucat, these various locations permit you to luxuriate on your terms with peace and serenity. With various properties offering an experience of private sanctuary around 35,000 homegrown pine trees, Swiss chalet, Southern-American lifestyle, Italian-inspired that exude classic old-world charm, Neo-Victorian in San Francisco, price starts at 9.9million and over. Brittany assures every homeowner gets a property nothing short of sophisticated.


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