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The Laureano di Trevi Vista Residences

Operating through its five distinct subsidiaries, Vista Land is one of the leading integrated property developer and homebuilders in the Philippines. Vista Land provides a wide range of housing products to its customers across all income segments. The company operates through Brittany, Crown Asia, Camella Homes, Communities Philippines, and Vista Residences. Brittany caters to the high-end market in Mega Manila, offering luxury houses in master-planned communities priced at P12.0 million and above. Crown Asia caters to the middle-income housing segment in Mega-Manila.


Vista Land Mission and Vision

We are the undisputed leader and recognized authority in homebuilding and community development in the Philippines. Our presence across the country is widely-known and strongly felt.

The depth and breadth of our product line answers the needs of Filipino families and every point on the home ownership spectrum: from first homes, to upgrade homes, to urban developments, and to lifestyle communities.

We build communities that foster proud family and neighborhood relationships, value the rewards of hard work, and reflect responsible use of resources and our environment.

We seek to become an integral part of the livelihood aspiration of the Filipino family. People take pride in living in one of our homes.

Our people are the key to our success. We build homes with unwavering commitment, passion and dedication to quality and genuine care for our homebuyers. We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of creativity, integrity and professionalism.

Our name is built on trust and quality. Long after our houses are built, our brands will continue to speak for Vista Land.


Corporate Values


Cost is not a question for numbers, but a question of value. It is not what we can cut out, but what we can save on. We are lean because we know that success does not depend on the number of people, but on the number of ideas, and the brilliance of those ideas. We are not cost conscious to increase our profit margins, but to guarantee that we have sufficient resources for tomorrow. It is not just the cost to us that we must concern ourselves with, but that cost to our customers as well.


Synergy is one of a corporation's greatest assets. The solitary genius is nice, but teams are stronger. We have common goal, we need each other to get there. We have each other's back. We have the Company's back.


We need to be trustworthy, and we need to be trusted. There must be integrity and reliability in our word, and our character. Honesty necessitates dependability, fairness, probity, and holding on to high principles. It is the only way we can believe in each other and our customer can believe in us.


Everyday, we step into the battlefield knowing we are well equipped. We are a crack team. Better trained. Better skilled. Better motivated. The competition is there for two reasons: to learn from and to knock out. We owe it to ourselves to keep building muscle, and we owe it to our customers to keep fighting.


Our future is wrapped up in our customers – along with their dreams, their hopes, their lives. We must become part of their community – and their family. What they need is as important as what we do. It is what drives what we do. To them, we will always listen. From them, we will always learn. They are the reason we exist.

Board of Directors, Management Team and Executive Officers

Manuel B. Villar, Jr.

Manuel Paolo A. Villar

Cynthia J. Javarez

Camille A. Villar

Frances Rosalie T. Coloma

Justina F. Callangan

Cherrylyn P. Caoile

Gemma M. Santos

Brian N. Edang

Ma. Nalen SJ Rosero

Lorelyn D. Mercado

Shareholdings Structure

Share holdings structure as of March 31 2024:

Fine Properties, Inc. 56.12%

Public Ownership 24.16%

Foreign Ownership 10.58%

The company regularly discloses the following reports in compliance with Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC), Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), and Philippine Dealing and Exchange Corporation (PDEX): Top 100 Stockholders (quarterly); Public Ownership Report (quarterly); and Foreign Ownership Report (monthly).


Other Downloadable Files:

Top 20 Stockholders (as of March 31 2024)

Group Structure (as of December 31 2023)

Organizational Chart

Vista Land Organizational Chart


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