1.    Widest Geographic Reach

Present in 47 provinces, 141 cities and municipalities around the country.

2.    Product offerings across all income segment

We have product offerings across all income segments through our brands with price ranging from Php 750,000.00 to Php 48,000,000.00

3.    Well-known brands

Our five brands operate in distinct income segments and have successfully built their names over the years. They have become widely known for their own individual accomplishments and specific project developments. Buttressed by a marketing network that extends to several countries, the brands have become widely familiar to Filipinos who work overseas.  The brand strength at the subsidiary level should help raise awareness of Vista Land as the publicly-listed holding company and facilitate understanding of Vista Land’s business profile. 

4.    Experience

With a more than 30-year track record building houses for customers across a wide range of income segments, the company has proven its ability to plan and implement major projects. This experience extends to many facets of the business, including strategic land purchases, conceptualization of projects, marketing and sales, and early recognition of market trends.

5.    Solid Financial Position

The company significantly strengthened its financial position with the help of the capital infusion from the share offering in 2007 and delivered excellent earnings for the fiscal year. A large cash balance, low debt level, and healthy cash flows. 
6.    High quality, strategically located Land bank

As of end of December 2017, our land bank comprised a total of about 2,640.2 hectares (including 84.8 ha of Starmalls landbank). This greatly enhances our prospects for future growth and increases the company’s flexibility to accelerate project development. The majority (i.e., about 63%) of our land bank is in the Mega Manila area with the balance located in the provincial areas.
7.    Strong Management Team

Our management team has a proven track record, having overseen the completion and sale of well over 250,000 houses.  Although our five subsidiaries are separate operating entities, there is close coordination among management to ensure that where possible, the company is able to take full advantage of synergies and collectively execute a coherent strategy.


1)    Discuss the company’s external and internal communications policies and how frequently they are reviewed.  Disclose who reviews and approves major company announcements.  Identify the committee with this responsibility, if it has been assigned to a committee.

The company has an internal Corporate Communications Group (CCG) that is in charge of all external and internal communication activities.  CCG has set communication plans based on target audience.  The communication plan is being reviewed by the on a regular basis by the Management Committee and is from time to time presented to the Board.

2)    Describe the company’s investor relations program including its communications strategy to promote effective communication with its stockholders, other stakeholders and the public in general.  Disclose the contact details (e.g. telephone, fax and email) of the officer responsible for investor relations.

(1) Objectives
To build understanding and relationships of trust  with financial media, analysts, and shareholders.

(2) Priniciples

Transparency, timely disclosure, openness, accesibility and relevance

(3) Models of Communications

Interviews, Conference calls, Questionnaires, Corporate Access Days, Domestic and International Roadshows, Phone calls, Email, Property Tours

(4) Investor Relations Officers

Ma. Nalen SJ Rosero, Assistant, Corporate Secretary, Compliance Officer and CIO: +63 2 226 3552 ext 0055
Brian Edang, Head Investor Relations: +63 2 226 3552 ext 0088

3)    What are the company’s rules and procedures governing the acquisition of corporate control in the capital markets, and extraordinary transactions such as mergers, and sales of substantial portions of corporate assets?

Transparency is the key to all relevant transactions that the Company may undertake.  This can be manifested through transparency in the valuation of a certain business transaction.

Name of the independent party the board of directors of the company appointed to evaluate the fairness of the transaction price.

The Board used MayBank ATR Kim Eng to issue a fairness opinion in its acquisition of Vista Residences in 2009.  The Board also has asked CBRE to perform valuation of the company’s land bank in 2007.

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