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To sustain Mother Nature, Vista Land launches its Green efforts through GREENVIRON.

The name is a composite of two words, “Green”and “Environ.”

“Green”denotes today’s massive movement towards sustainable methods and technologies designed to rehabilitate a badly polluted, ravaged and scarred planet.

“Environ” is a verb. It is the act of surrounding, or enclosing. We chose to use a verb because we need to muster people to move, to get up off their comfortable chairs and get out there and rehabilitate the only home we have.

By bringing the two together, it becomes a call to action, a command to move and take what is around us and make that green – again.

We, at Vista Land, are committed to this call. This commitment is shown in programs adopted from the international award-winning Villar Foundation. We believe in the advocacies of the Villar Foundation and are doing our share in support of these advocacies. After all, Vista Land and the Villar Foundation have the same heart.

We, at Vista Land – in partnership with the Villar Foundation, have been doing this by discovering what presents itself to us. By looking at what is in our immediate vicinity and seeing what needs fixing.

Our people need employment. Our soil is eroding, our air is horribly polluted, and waterways are dammed with garbage that has been causing massive flooding. Thus, we look at the cause, and see if they can be turned into a benefit.

Seeing the importance of rehabilitating the planet, protecting what limited resources still exists, and creating values that support an eco-friendly way of living. Vista Land is launching GREENVIRON – a collection of programs designed to sustain Mother Nature.

Waste Segregation and recycling is practiced in all Vista Land developments. Biodegradable waste is turned into fertilizer, and non-biodegradable waste is recycled.


Coconut coir is being woven from husks that were discarded into the waterways thus damming the rivers. Today, the coco coir nets are used to prevent soil erosion.



Pine trees that were simply a thing of beauty, are being planted in the cities and villages to create green zones that purify the air, hold the soil, and soothe the spirit. Greenviron has already been successful in implementing it One Million in Five pledge to plant a million trees in five years. This milestone was reached in 2012, and will continue onto the next five years and onwards.


Greenscapes, another horticulture initiative, is focused on growing and proliferating endemic plant species on property grounds, not just for aesthetic purposes but for noticeably better air quality and cooler surroundings compared to other areas.

Vermi-culture is a purely organic, all natural, and clean way to produce fertilizer. With composted garden waste collected from its segregation efforts, GREENVIRONhas beenable to limit the use of harmful chemical fertilizers by harnessing one of Mother Nature’s greatest creations, earth worm castings.

Following, and empowered by the vision of the Villar Foundation, we at Vista Land, understand that little by little we can make a difference. The solutions are right around us. We just need to move.

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